AUVI-Q® (epinephrine injection, USP) is designed to help give your patient* with life-threatening allergies, or whoever is caring for them, the ability to respond with epinephrine during anaphylaxis. Always avoid allergens, understand the symptoms of anaphylaxis, carry AUVI-Q at all times, and seek emergency medical treatment after using AUVI-Q.

*It is not known if AUVI-Q is safe and effective in children weighing less than 33 lbs (15 kg).

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Developed by Patients, for Patients®

AUVI-Q was developed by twin brothers who grew up with life-threatening allergies, and was designed using Human Factors Engineering. Human Factors Engineering places the patient and caregiver at the center of the development process in order to design products that are easy to operate, and most importantly, help support correct and safe use.

A 100% automated robotic production line, with over 100 automated quality checks.

AUVI-Q is manufactured on an intelligent, high-tech, 100% automated robotic production line with over 100 automated quality checks on each AUVI-Q device, ensuring a streamlined and consistent production process. The automated robotic production line helps produce a consistent, high-quality product.

The AUVI-Q manufacturing process uses specially calibrated sensors and vision inspection systems to help ensure each component is assembled into AUVI-Q with precision. Every component built into each AUVI-Q has an identifier and is tracked throughout the manufacturing process.

AUVI-Q is designed to be easy to use and easy to carry.

About the size of a credit card and thickness of a cell phone, AUVI-Q fits into most pockets and small purses.

AUVI-Q includes innovative features such as voice instructions.

AUVI-Q is the first and only epinephrine auto-injector with an auto-retractable needle.

AUVI-Q should only be injected into the anterolateral aspect of the thigh. Do not inject intravenously, or into the buttocks, digits, hands, or feet.

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Epinephrine Auto-Injector Preference Study

The overall results of a study of 693 participants consisting of adults, caregivers, and children showed AUVI-Q scored significantly higher than EpiPen® with regard to the following10:

On the auto-injector compared to 17% who preferred EpiPen®

Compared to 7% who preferred EpiPen®

Compared to 23% who preferred EpiPen®

A closer look at the first and only EAI with an automatic needle retraction system.

The AUVI-Q auto-retractable needle is not visible before, during, or after injection, and completes epinephrine injection in seconds.

Epinephrine is delivered in less than two seconds. However, you must press and hold for 5 seconds.

To minimize the risk of injection-related injury, when administering AUVI-Q to young children, the prescribing information instructs caregivers to: Hold the child's leg firmly in place and limit movement prior to and during injection.

e-Prescribing AUVI-Q

If you've decided AUVI-Q is right for your commercially insured patients, getting it to them is easy through the direct delivery service. Follow these three simple steps in your EMR system.

ASPN Pharmacies receives the e-Prescription and follows up with your office, as needed, to obtain missing information.

You can contact our support staff, if needed, for assistance in the enrollment process by calling 1-877-30-AUVIQ.

If you don't have an EMR system, click to download the enrollment form.

Download the enrollment form

Each prescription pack—both AUVI-Q 0.3 mg and AUVI-Q 0.15 mg—comes with 2 AUVI-Q devices and a Trainer.

Receiving AUVI-Q is made simple through AUVI-Q AffordAbility and the direct delivery service.

AUVI-Q AffordAbility is a first-of-its-kind access program for AUVI-Q.

  • $0 out of pocket for all commercially insured patients, including those with high deductible plans, who acquire AUVI-Q through the direct delivery service.
    (Terms and Conditions)
  • Support for patients who can't afford their medicines and who do not have commercial or government insurance.
    (Terms and Conditions)
  • Direct delivery service ships AUVI-Q directly to your office or your patient's home, and can ensure the best expiration dating for AUVI-Q.
    (Terms and Conditions)
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